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70 Curso de Python Completo Aprenda a programar em Python –Grátis PDF

70 Curso de Python Completo  Aprenda a programar em Python –Grátis PDF

Curso de Python Completo  Aprenda a programar em Python – Grátis

  1. Apostila Básico Python.pdf
  2. Curso Python.pdf
  3. Aprenda a Programar em Python.pdf
  4. A Byte of Python, v1.92 (for Python 3.0) (2009).pdf
  5. A Learner's Guide to Programming Using the Python Language (2009).pdf
  6. A Primer on Scientific Programming with Python (2009).pdf
  7. Apress.Foundations.of.Python.3.Network.Programming.2nd.Edition.Dec.2010.pdf
  8. Beginning Game Development with Python and Pygame - From Novice to Professional (2007).pdf
  9. Beginning Python - From Novice to Professional (2005) - BBL.pdf
  10. Beginning Python - From Novice to Professional, Second Edition (2008).pdf
  11. Beginning Python - Using Python 2.6 and Python 3.1 (2010).pdf
  12. Beginning Python (2005).pdf
  13. Beginning Python Visualization - Crafting Visual Transformation Scripts (2009).pdf
  14. Bioinformatics Programming Using Python, First Edition (2009).pdf
  15. CherryPy Essentials - Rapid Python Web Application Development (2007).pdf
  16. Expert Python Programming (2008).pdf
  17. Foundations of Agile Python Development (2008).pdf
  18. Foundations of Python Network Programming Second Edition.pdf
  19. Game Programming with Python, Lua, and Ruby (2003).pdf
  20. Getting Started with Pyparsing (2007).pdf
  21. Gray Hat Python - Python Programming for Hackers and Reverse Engineers (2009).pdf
  22. Guide to NumPy (for Python) (2006).pdf
  23. Hello World - Computer Programming for  Beginners, Fourth printing (2009).pdf
  24. Introduction to Programming Using Python - Y.  Games with Python (2008).pdf
  25. IronPython in Action (2009).pdf
  26. Learning Python - O'Reilly 4th Edition.pdf
  27. Learning Python, Fourth Edition (2009).pdf
  28. Learning to Program - Python (2006).pdf
  29. LearnPythonTheHardWay2ndEdition.pdf
  30. Making Use of Python (2002).pdf
  31. Matplotlib for Python Developers (2009).pdf
  32. Mobile Python - Rapid Prototyping of Applications on the Mobile Platform (2007).pdf
  33. Natural Language Processing with Python (2009).pdf
  34. Numerical Methods in Engineering with Python (2005).pdf
  35. Practical Programming - An Introduction to Computer Science Using Python, v.2009-5-6 (2009).pdf
  36. Pro IronPython (2009).pdf
  37. Professional Python Frameworks - Web 2.0 Programming with Django and TurboGears (2007).pdf
  38. Programming Computer Vision with Python.pdf
  39. Programming in Python 3 - A Complete Introduction to the Python Language, Second Edition (2010).pdf
  40. Programming_Python_-_OReilly_4th_Ed.pdfPython - Create-Modify-Reuse (2008).pdf
  41. Python - Create-Modify-Reuse (2008).pdf
  42. Python - How to Program, 1e (2002).pdf
  43. Python & XML - XML Processing with Python, First Edition (2002).pdf
  44. Python 2.1 Bible (2001).pdf
  45. Python 2.5 Reference Card (2009).pdf
  46. Python 2.6 Cheatsheet (2008).pdf
  47. Python 2.6 Quick Reference (Letter) (2009).pdf
  48. Python 3 for Absolute Beginners (2009).pdf
  49. Python Cookbook 2nd Edition V413HAV.pdf
  50. Python Cookbook, 2nd Edition (2005).pdf
  51. Python Developer's Handbook, First Edition (2000).pdf
  52. Python Essential Reference, Fourth Edition (2009).pdf
  53. Python for Dummies (2006).pdf
  54. Python For Dummies.pdf
  55. Python for Software Design - How to Think Like a Computer Scientist (2009).pdf
  56. Python for Unix and Linux System Administration (2008).pdf
  57. Python In A Nutshell 2nd Edition V413HAV.pdf
  58. Python Power - The Comprehensive Guide (2008).pdf
  59. Python Programming - An Introduction to Computer Science - v1.0rc2 (2002).pdf
  60. Python Scripting for Computational Science, Third Edition (2008).pdf
  61. Python Testing - Beginner's Guide (2010).pdf
  62. Python.pdf
  63. The Definitive Guide to Jython - Python for the Java Platform (2010).pdf
  64. The Quick Python Book, Second Edition (2010).pdf
  65. Thinking in Tkinter (2005).pdf
  66. Tkinter 8.4 reference - a GUI for Python (2010).pdf
  67. Use a cabeça - Programando usando a linguagem Phyton.pdf
  68. Violent Python - A Cookbook for Hackers, Forensic Analysts, Penetration Testers and Security Enginners.pdf
  69. wxPython in Action (2006).pdf
  70. XML Processing with Perl, Python, and PHP (2002).pdf

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